Raikkonen Oy Brick factory was established year 1932 in Loimaa, Finland. The establishers were the uncle and the father of the present Managing Director Jaakko Raikkonen. The production started as a side practise of farming. The manufacture of drain pipes was started 1952. The output was 240 000 drain pipes per year.

Year 1962 – the present clay pipe factory was established. The manufacturing part of the plant was ready 1979. The production of clay pipes ended 1991 as the clay pipes were replaced by plastic pipes in drainage.

Since 1992 the production range was increased to include, in addition to the red bricks, also the light colour shaped bricks. The main products of the company are the genuine fired bricks. Products like various types of shaped bricks and Fresco mortars are also one part of our product range.

Brick information

Raikkonen Oy is a Finnish family company, which manufactures ceramic bricks by firing clay. Fired clay brick is healthy, it has a good capacity to store, release and to absorb heat, good sound insulation, it is a non-flammable building material and the clay brick is chemically and physically very solid material. Rich selection of colours and textures offer individual, distinguished complex that perceives its value and that is in harmony with the local environment.

Manufacturing and raw materials

The raw materials for bricks are clay, sand, sawdust and other mineral materials. The bricks are fired in tunnel kiln in the temperature of 1035-1100 ºC . Brick is a healthy material and due to its porous structure it automatically controls the humidity balance indoors. Continuously ongoing quality control guarantees the good quality standards of raw material, manufacturing and the end product itself.

Technical properties

Compressive strength by brick types 16…50 MN/m². Density of perforated brick 1200…1600 kg/m². Water absorption capacity and –rate vary according to the raw material and degree of firing. Absorption capacity av. 8-17 % -rate 1-5kg/m²/min. Temperature rate – for length 5×10 – 61 °C – brick laid 6×10 – 61 °C. Fire resistance class A. Heat capacity: for the fired bricks used in fireplaces the heat capacity is high and it delivers the heat slowly and smoothly. Frost resistance according to standard SFS5513 A Supervisor from outside specifies every half year the SFS Standard for frost resistance, water absorption capacity, density, measurements, edgewise curvature tolerance, compressive strength and water-absorption rate.

Environmentally friendly

Fired bricks are natures’ building material and they burden the environment hardly at all during their long product life.


Fired brick is 100 % recyclable. The used brick will be re-used, crushed to raw material or used as an additional-raw material for industry, tennis court sports ground materials, crude crushed aggregate etc.


The manufacturing releases are restricted to the firing process of the brick and to the release of the blow caused by the use of energy that is used in drying process. The waste energy of the manufacturing process will be used in production. Part of the sulphur dioxide in the exit gases binds itself in the brick firing process. Therefore the sulphur dioxide values are lower than the limit values given by the environmental authorities.


The brick consumption on chimneys.

Bricks and tiles for interior decoration


Available in ore brown and red wine colours. The thickness of the panel tile 35-45 mm.
According to the decorators wishes you can paste the panel tiles with or without joint sealing.
Also bricks are available in case you wish to build a brick wall or a fireplace. Patina gives your home modern and timeless impression.

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