Se kotimainen yksityinen tiilenvalmistaja


Raikkonen Oy Brick factory was established year 1932 in Loimaa. The establishers were the uncle and the father of the present Managing Director Jaakko Raikkonen. The production started as a side practise of farming. The manufacture of drain pipes was started 1952. The output was 240 000 drain pipes per year.

Year 1962 – the present clay pipe factory was established. The manufacturing part of the plant was ready 1979. The production of clay pipes ended 1991 as the clay pipes were replaced by plastic pipes in drainage.

Since 1992 the production range was increased to include, in addition to the red bricks, also the light colour shaped bricks. The main products of the company are the genuine fired bricks. Products like various types of shaped bricks and Fresco mortars are also one part of our product range.